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Art & Frame Testimonials

"Many times we have worked on projects large and small that would not have been as successful if not for Marilyn’s ability to co-ordinate others, set a schedule, cope with unforeseen circumstances and maintain effective communication with all parties involved while maintain her own great integrity and respect for others"

Connor B., Windoware Concepts & Solutions, Inc.

"I cannot say enough good words to describe Marilyn. She is a very talented person with integrity and high standards,. She has always done whatever is necessary to meet or exceed expectations"

Robyn H., Robyn Hughes Interiors, Inc.

Home Staging Testimonials

"We are personally familiar with Marilyn's work.

Real estate transactions have their own unique science and reality, but much of what happens in a sale is pure art. When decisions are made, what a customer "sees" often supersedes reality, especially when a customer falls in love with a home, regardless of the numbers, and other skeletons that may be lurking in closets.

So, from those who know, when you ready to show, to Marilyn, GO!"

Abbie & Jan

Feng Shui Testimonials

"Marilyn is not only talented, she is intuitive and knows how to please us while doing what needs to be done according to Feng Shui principles while watching our costs as if it were her own money. She is a joy to work with."

Annie S., Acupuncturist